"I'd like to tell you that you have no idea how much you have done for me. You have changed my presence in the dance community. I wish I had known you a few years ago. My social life would have been very different."

- Parviz

"My wife Laurie and I have been dancing Tango for about 8 months and decided to take private lessons to speed up our progress. They helped tremendously! Yulia worked with us on correct posture, breathing, feeling the music and being creative within the dance. Now we feel like we can dance comfortably in different situations and with different partners. I highly recommend her immersion program combined with private lessons."

Rick and Laurie Lockman

"I have been to over 30 different dance classes and Julia is by far the best teacher I've seen. She will put you at ease no matter what your level; you'll improve quickly and have fun doing it. Her technique, artistic expression and enthusiasm are unbeatable and I feel lucky to have found her. Do yourself a favor a check it out!"

- Peggy, Nurse

"You are so amazing. You have such an incredible spirit. I am always so touched by your passion of dance. I am so lucky to know you and be part or your color that you spread throughout this world. You work so hard and have the kindest heart."

- Ryan

"I just want to tell you how thankful I am for who you are. Your teaching talent brightens up the lives of all your students. We are all blessed to have you as our instructor. Thank you so much for the great classes that enrich all our lives. My time spent there learning adds a sense of challenge with fun to my life. You're the best!"

"You teach that dance ; as all arts, is a living breathing thing that moves in its own dimension. It is always up to the individual to create their interpretation of the Arts. One makes love to life thru Art. I respect your passion and gift. Continue to spread your magic."

- Roger