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Our Tango schedule is open to anyone who is interested in learning Tango and variations of Tango in Santa Barbara, CA. Classes occur at the same time and day of each week. Instruction on Sundays offer beginning and intermediate level classes that give a Tango Schedule foundation to participate on Thursdays Supervised Tango Practicas. Practicas provide a social interaction as well as supervised instruction by Yulia and review of Sunday's classes. It is recommended that a student starts with Sunday instruction and then comes to Practica on Thursday to integrate the material taught in classes. This structure allows a faster leaning and embodiment of Tango. It is also recommended that a student signs up for a 4 week series in our Tango schedule, to ensure progressive learning. However, people out of town and all 'drop-ins' from Santa Barbara are welcomed. You can choose to pay per class or purchase a 'volume package.'

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Tango requires you to be fully present, ready, open, and in the moment. Yulia provides a well rounded Tango schedule making sure that all aspects of Tango are covered from posture and etiquette to floor navigation on the Social Dance floor. In the beginning, Tango students learn 'lead and follow' techniques, fundamentals, posture, syllabus and partner communication. In the Intermediate class, students learn more expanded concepts and variations, floor craft and nuance of communication between partners, and the focus on the correct execution of fundamentals is still maintained.

"Our goal is to provide you with a fun and entertaining experience. We will make the art of Tango worthwhile learning,. and you'll be glad you came!"

Special Registration Scheduling

Any session classes that require registration will be noted in the appropriate box for a particular day or week. However, most of the classes are regular classes that are available for those who just want to drop by or schedule one or two days in advance. The prices are not listed, so just call for price quotes or use the contact form to request a quote.

Keep in Touch

Please check back on a regular basis for changes, as our Tango schedule may change for various reasons. These changes may be due to cancellations, substitutions or inclement weather. No refunds. Plenty of parking is available.