Tango Instruction in Santa Barbara

Tango Dance Instruction

Tango dance instruction is more than just the movement of your steps, it's instruction on creative movement between two people. The basis of the creative movement is clarity of intention, expressed through the axis of the human body and the ability to perceive the intention.

Tango Instruction Offered For Everyone

Tango L'amore offers tango dance instruction in Santa Barbara for the art of Tango at all skill levels, including beginners. You can feel confident that your Santa Barbara tango instructor "Yulia" will provide expert guidance during your Tango instruction experience. You'll benefit from her extensive experience in the art of Argentine Tango and other variations of dance. During your instructon, Yulia will help you to progress and become familiar with Tango dance steps through closely guided practice and exercise.

Finding a qualified instructor in Santa Barbara is not easy. Yulia teaches out of a modern dance facility in Santa Barbara and will make sure that you get started on a steady path to learning Tango. Whether you're a novice or accomplished dancer, Yulia has a class program that will fit your specific needs.