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What Kind Of Website Do I Need?

So you're creating a new website and want to know what kind of site will meet your needs. Some might tell you that a social networking website is good. Others will Dance Website say blog, forum, static, CMS, eCommerce are what you need. The fact is they are all viable solutions, but which will meet your specific needs?..

Center On Your Services

For many small business owners, building a website for their business can be a period of worry and anxiety. The question is regularly asked “what kind of website do I need?” Well, if you're in the business of instructing others on how to dance, then you might want to consider an instructional dance website. A website that centers on your instructional services will provide your viewers with properly formatted fyi pages, faq pages, infographics,. and maybe a really cool how-to video,.. and let's not forget a location map and some up-to-date contact information. But you get it,. right,. essentially, these pages can be defined as 'informative', and they are exactly what potential customers (and the Search Engines) are looking for!

Dance Instruction

If you're earning a living as a dance instructor, then you're probably aware that you must consistently market your business in order to keep your classes full. And since some of your students will quit from time-to-time due to a lack of interest, you'll not only need to replace them with new students, but you'll need to increase the total number of students so that you can expand your business and keep your class numbers strong. After all, it's all about making more money year after year, right? But making a living as a dance instructor isn't easy in the first place, so how do you find an effective form of advertising that works well,. and works 24/7 ? . .

Advertise Around The Clock

A website is one of the few forms of media that advertises around the clock. Most hosting companies offer their website owners 99.9% uptime availability, which means your website will be working hard for you day and night. A website with compelling content will spark curiosity and entice it's visitors to click on all your links and go through all your pages.. and all this happening around the clock!..

"An intuitive website with relevant content will quickly convince potential customers that you're a qualified dance instructor teaching in a modern facility. Eventually, you'll convince them that they can learn to dance and have fun!"

Compelling Content with Call-to-Action

You're not going to convert every potential customer that goes to your website, however you can increase your chances of it by including more than just static descriptions of your services. Somewhere inside, or along side of your descriptions should be a call-to-action that will emphasize your copywriting skills. The overall content of the website should be compelling enough to entice potential new students to pick up the phone and call you, or at least land them on a page where they can fill out an easy-to-use registration form.

Get Them Excited,. and through the front door! . .

A well-designed website for dance instruction will do just that - it will get people interested in dancing. It will get them excited enough to "drive" to your location from all the way across town,. and then walk through the front door of your modern dance studio ready and willing to learn. After all, that's really what you are trying to do, right,. get them through the front door?.. and maybe even bring in a friend. You could even offer the first lesson Free!

"A website that is organically optimized for dance instruction will attract a wide audience for people who are interested in learning how to dance."


A well-built website costing just a few hundred dollars can be more effective than a poorly designed website costing thousands. And when you compare the cost to other forms of advertising such as tv, radio and billboards, a well-designed website broadcasts to the world at a fraction of the cost.

If you are a business owner, publishing your services and business information on the web gives you a tremendous advantage when competing for business. It's a fact that many small business owners don't have a website, and when you consider other forms of advertising, a website is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise.


A dance website should be user friendly so visitors can easily navigate through content that provides them with:

"A well-designed dance website will show your students what they can expect on their first day in class!"

Providing your viewers an informative and instructional website will do the following:

About This Site is an advertising and instructional website. The domain and website owner is Yulia Maluta, and the site is currently maintained by GothEagle. Yulia wants to place emphasis on instruction over performance in order to teach and inform her visitors about the art of authentic Social Argentine Tango. Yulia's mission is to provide a good service to her community and to teach people how to dance.