Tango As Conversation

When we have a conversation with someone, it feels like we are communicating with more than just words. It actually feels like we are connecting with our emotions. Tango as conversation is the same. Just as verbal conversation can be repetitive, so can the Tango, as the steps are repeated with improvisation and emotion.

During the Tango, you are moving together to the music of the dance and outwardly expressing your feelings to one another. The feeling that is generated by the whole experience is transmitted in every step, every beat, every count and every stop. When you dance very close, you are always connecting to each other, embracing as you dance. Sometimes you keep at arms length, sometimes you dance chest-to-chest allowing your feelings to flow as they come and go. You are always embraced, yet always willing to let go with as much space as is desired.

Tango as conversation is not meant for perfection. It leaves enough space for direct intention as well as improvisation. Both man and woman are using different words and emotions, creating a dance experience of complete happiness. The real beauty is found in the fact that Tango can be translated into a man's own perception of unique expression without interfering with the woman's boundries and attempt to do the same. It's a simple gift of grace and beauty.